Eco-Friendly PLA Spork

Compared with common degradable plastics, this plastic has better thermal stability and mechanical properties, and it is more durable when made into plastic bags; It has excellent biodegradability and can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide under composting conditions, which can effectively reduce white pollution.
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Features of Eco-Friendly PLA Spork

  • Manufactured in Taiwan with 100% corn and plants starch, can be fully compostable by recycling
  • Durable enough to last through your entire event or party, from salad & soup to meal & dessert
  • Great for School Lunches, Picnics or Restaurant and Party Supplies
  • Available color: Natural, Black
  • Customized colors and packaging are accepted if the order quantity reaches 100,000pcs/model
  • All OEM/ODM projects are highly welcome
  • Interested in other biodegradable sporks

 Specification of Eco-Friendly PLA Spork

Materials High Standard Food Grade CPLA Cornstarch
Colors White, Black, Custom Color Accepted
Type Tea or Coffee Spoon, Spoon, Fork, Knife
Size From 3 to 7 Inch
Advantage High Standard Heat Resistance
Logo Customized Logo Availabe
Features Disposable, Biodegradable, Compostable
Package OPP or PLA bag, Paper wrap, Cusomized Packaging Avaliable

Suitable Temperature of Eco-Friendly PLA Spork

lowest temperature maximum temperature Micro-wave oven oven refrigerator EU standards FSC BPI OK Compost
PLA -10℃ +60℃ × ×
CPLA -10℃ +90℃ × ×
PSM -10℃ +95℃ × ×
BAMBOO -20℃ +70℃ ×
WOOD -20℃ +180℃ ×
BAGASSE -10℃ +120℃
PAPER -40℃ +180℃

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