Bio-green Packaging For Restaurant

Made from Sugarcane bagasse, the internal cup inside the container and lid combo is durable and moisture resistant. Use it for serving anything from light chicken noodle soup to thick, hearty stews, ice cold frozen yogurt to gelato. It ensures combined rigidity and reliability you want in a take-out paper hot food cup and lid combo.

Tightly-Rolled Rim: This paper hot food cup features a tightly-rolled rim, ideal for ensuring a safe, secure lid fit. It is smooth to the touch, making it great for sipping too.It is competent for both food and dessert, such as soup, dessert, ice cream, yogurt, grain or surplus food. It is the best choice for large parties, family gatherings, picnics and barbecues.

Advantages of Compostable Take Away Cups

Sturdy and Durable: These food containers are made of good quality material, durable and not easy to bent or dented, the lids fit nice and tight also.

Works Great: The disposable soup bowls can keep the food nice and warm, sturdy enough for hot soup, no leakage. And they are still the same sturdiness after storing in the fridge for a day.

Environmentally Friendly Materials: It is an excellent alternative to plastic products. Used paper containers will not harm the environment, making your life better and the earth more beautiful.