Can You Put Compostable Cups In Food Waste?

In principle, compostable degradable cups can be thrown away together with food waste. Biodegradable compostable cups are made of high molecular materials, which can be degraded and dissolved in the natural environment. For example, if the biodegradable disposable cups are put into the soil, they can integrate with the soil in a few months, and even play the role of fertilizer. However, it is recommended that you do not put them into food waste. After all, degradation takes time, and it is not short, It's better to put it into dry garbage, which is more environmentally friendly.

Advantages of Compostable Cups And Lids

  1. Eco-friendly tested/bpi certified 100% compostable.
  2. Sturdy with a premium feel and high heat resistance.
  3. All natural plant-based/all safe.
  4. The better alternative to plastic for your events.

Custom Your Own Compostable Cups

  1. Purchase base paper, cut the base paper into custom compostable cups body and cup bottom paper pieces;
  2. Print glue at the joint of the cups body, and evenly print glue on the inner wall of the custom eco friendly cups body;
  3. Hot melt the glue and roll the custom biodegradable cups body to form outer eco compostable cups;
  4. Put the cup bottom paper into the bottom of the outer biodegradable custom cups after flanging, and then glue the cups bottom paper to the outer cups;
  5. Turn over and press the edge of the outer disposable eco friendly cups bonded with the paper at the bottom of the disposable compostable cups.