Biodegradable Sheet Description

Add style to any occasion, the traditional brown craft color makes it look classy and neat. Use it as is or add your personal touch to it using oil paints, chalk, crayon, markers, felt pens, watercolor, and tempera. Our versatile Kraft paper works great for birthdays, showers, congrats, weddings, and holiday gifts. PLA sheet has the right thickness for wrapping and craft projects. Perfect for packing, moving, shipping, postal, dunnage, birdcage, parcel, as a tablecloth, floor cover, drawing, painting and more. Each roll is high-quality industrial-grade 40# paper weight Kraft stock. Our biodegradable paper sheets are strong but smooth at the same time, easy to fold. They don't have any coating or waxing treatment. Holds ink and resist humidity fairly well. These sandwich paper sheets create a smaller footprint to be more friendly with our environment.

Biodegradable Sheet Advantages

  1. Size: Each roll is 17 inches x 10 feet, equal to 14 sq.ft, total of 3 rolls, including 10 gift tags and 2 roll jute string, no crease, can meet daily needs.
  2. Package: 3 rolls kraft wrapping paper in floral design with gift tags and jute string, perfect set for gift wrapping.
  3. Material: Made from high-quality kraft paper, recyclable and environmentally friendly composition.
  4. Features: There is a grid cutting line on the reverse side, which is convenient for cutting when wrapping gifts.
  5. Versatile for Different Uses: Unleash your creativity and maximize the use of this paper roll. Turn it into kraft paper bags, packaging paper, wrapping paper sheets, table covers, or flower bouquet wraps.