Sugarcane compostable paper bowls, measure 5""D x 2""H. Simple and solid construction makes them the ideal choice for any occasion. You can use these bowls to serve salad, fruits, soup, burgers, steaks, or cakes to meet all your needs.

Sugarcane Fiber: Our heavy-duty bowls are composed entirely of sugarcane fiber, a biodegradable material. This is a sturdier and environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional plastic or styrofoam bowls.

Time-Saving: Whether you are preparing a hot or cold meal, these bowls are quite versatile both in microwave and freezer. Use the bowls to heat up your food prep, leftovers, or soup for lunch in the microwave without worrying about harmful plastic chemicals.

Leak-Proof: Sugarcane fiber is highly resistant to liquids, preventing leaks and punctures. These sugarcane bowls will provide you with remarkable high quality feel when you use them to hold, scoop or cut through hard, crunchy foods.

Multi-Use: These biodegradable bowls are perfect for any indoor or outdoor event, weddings, camping, BBQs, picnics, or just a quick lunch. Besides impressing your guests with quality, these bowls can be easily cleaned by tossing them into a composter after use.