Plant-Based Cutlery Description

"Plant-based" tableware is called corn plastic PLA resin, which is obtained from natural corn through biotechnology and chemical synthesis methods. Because after being discarded, corn plastic can be decomposed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water, and can be synthesized into plastic, PLA resin is recognized as a new ecological material for green and sustainable development in the 21st century. In addition to corn plastic tableware, bamboo has become the main raw material for tableware production.

ECO-FRIENDLY - All our biodegradable food packaging wholesale products are 100% Disposable, Biodegradable, Compostable, and Renewable.

ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY – Guaranteed 100% natural birch wood and polished to perfect smoothness. NO SPLINTERS and NO TASTE of WOOD with your meal. Superior QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY, HEAT RESISTANT, DURABLE & more SUSTAINABLE than Wooden, Bio-Plastic CPLA & Plastic disposable Utensils. Doesn't break or dissolve in your mouth like Bio-Plastic CPLA disposable Silverware.

We only use 100% natural birchwood without chemicals or dyes of any kind. Eco-friendly food packaging products, Guaranteed Toxin-Free BPA-Free Chemical Free No coating 100% Sustainable. and not harming the environment.

ELEGANT STYLISH & CONVENIENT – Add a spoon full of class to any indoor or outdoor occasion with this disposable Vida cutlery set. Convenient for weddings, picnics, parties, BBQ, camping, or traveling. Impress your guests and conveniently throw them away.

Benefits of Plant-Based Disposable Cutlery

  1. Our plant-based packaging for food is 100% Natural, BPA-Free, and do not contain any toxins or harmful chemicals that can leach and contaminate your food. Some potential risks of BPA involve impaired fetal development, altered functions of reproductive organs, obesity, and increased rates of cancer.
  2. There are non-polluting, will naturally decompose, and are 100% renewable. All Bamboodlers are sourced exclusively from responsibly managed forests, adhering to very strict guidelines and reforestation practices to ensure that our environment is duly protected and preserved for generations to come.
  3. There are not only good for the environment and your well-being, but they also look amazing! There are Cute, Modern, Stylish, Trendy, and Chic are just some of the compliments.