Description of Eco-friendly Cutlery Set

High-temperature stability and super strength – tableware will not melt, deform or dissolve into your food even in very hot food and soup. Will not bend or collapse.
Washable and reusable – the high strength and durability of our products make them reusable, further reducing the impact on the environment.
BPA Free - tableware is made of certified food-grade ingredients and does not contain any harmful BPA chemicals.

Is Bamboo Cutlery Eco-friendly?

Making bamboo into daily necessities can store carbon stably and avoid rapid release to nature. Bamboo is made into durable handicrafts, floors, building materials, etc., which can store a lot of carbon. From the perspective of the carbon sequestration process, compared with conventional building materials such as steel and plastics, the carbon footprint of bamboo is negative.