Bio-green Packaging For Hotel

The biodegradable trash bags can be used for various types of trash around the hotel, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office trash bin liner, etc. From food waste to baby diapers and even garden waste. The biodegradable trash bags will handle the waste perfectly. Compared to plastic bags, these biodegradable trash bags are more suited to handle both organic and inorganic wastes.

Powerful Thickness 1 mils, puncture resistant, totally made of corn starch and PBAT and PLA,(WITHOUT PP/PE), Natural Food Smell, Perfect For Kitchen Food Wet Waste, Restroom, Bathroom, Hotel Tash, and Restaurant Wet Food Waste. Drawstring Wastebin Bags Easily Handle Standard Household Trash And Make a Great Choice For Household Or Office Waste Management Needs.

Advantages of Biodegradable Toilet Bags

CONVENIENT, DISPOSABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY, SANITARY: Use Your Portable Rubbish management Without worrying about the mess. Just buried in the ground after Use And 45 days Will Naturally Decompose In The Soil. Compatible With All Major Camping Commodes Including Luggable Loo.

USAGE & STORAGE: Avoid Excessive Heat; Store Compostable Bags In a Cool, Dry Place and use them within one year of purchase. Purchase Only As Many As You Can Use In 12 Months. take care when separating as they can tear and tear them slowly .

CERTIFIED: 100%Compostable Meet The Standard EN13432, which approved for food contact