Biodegradable Paper Containers Description

Packing: Bamboo fiber round bowls. Bowls are made with 100% natural biodegradable materials, Eco-friendly Plant Fibers.

Anti-pressure design, and perfect texture, can improve your quality of life. The use of thickened paper can make the bowl bear more weight. Bowls smooth without burrs, brown primary color, our products are free of harmful bleaches, you can use it with confidence. Our food-grade PP Lids, Strong and highly transparent, you can see the state of the food through the lid.

Thickened bowls, water and oil proof, we promise 72-hour without water leakage. Perfect for daily use、family party, outdoor picnics, travel. Also can pack foods, it is a good take-away food container, and perfect for refrigerator fresh.

Perfect size: suitable for daily diets, like salad, steak, and spaghetti. Sturdy and durable, used well in many ways, like picnic, barbecue, camping, and night snack.

Microwave & Freezer Safe: Our bowls are safe for hot and cold foods alike. They are safe to be put in the microwave and even the freezer. Advance meal prep bowls, diet portion control, healthy nutritious meals, and to-go meals are super convenient."

Is Paper Containers Good For Food?

  1. Our compostable food containers are made from 100% organic bamboo to help us reduce the use of plastic, preserve trees and protect the environment.
  2. We make these disposable to-go boxes to withstand extreme temperatures allowing you to heat food (up to 5 mins in the microwave & up to 10 mins in the oven at 392 °F) easily straight from the refrigerator (can be frozen/refrigerated up to 24hrs) without ending up with a leaking or deformed bowls.
  3. Easily degradable to avoid polluting the environment, we believe in environmental conservation. That's why we make our food storage containers easily degradable so you can use them guilt-free, knowing you're not polluting the environment.