Is Wheat Straw Better Packaging Than Plastic Packaging?

Wheat straw plastic is more durable and environmentally friendly than ordinary plastic products. In addition, the manufacturing process of wheat straw plastic products does less harm to the environment, requires less energy, and involves less toxins.

Benefits of Wheat Straw Packaging

  1. Material of wheat straw
    Organic wheat straw, hot pressed, showing the true color of straw.
  2. Free of heavy metals
    It does not contain lead, chromium, and other heavy metals contained in other tableware
  3. New materials are degradable
    The material of wheat straw, placed in the soil, will decompose by itself
  4. Material health and environmental protection
    Wheat straw material, one-piece production, long wheat flavor

How To Make Wheat Straw Packaging

  1. Straw crushing plus additives (food grade)
  2. Automatic mixing - automatic material separation - hot pressing - trimming inspection - automatic spraying
  3. Drying and sterilization - product packaging or packing