Bio-green Packaging For Consumer

100% Plant Based on Corn Starch

100 PACK T-shirt Grocery Bags
11.81 inches in width, 21.65 inches in height and 15-micron thickness of these biodegradable shopping bags ensure that you carry all the stuff you want with ease and without worrying about the space you have available.

Sturdy Lasting Bags with Easy Grip Handles
Don’t worry about clinging bags, leaks, or spills with these durable eco-friendly biodegradable T-Shirt bags with handles to easily grip. These bags will last a long time and serve multiple purposes as a shopping bag or trash bag.

Usage & Storage
Shopping bags Perfect use for supermarket, grocery, shopping, retail, restaurants and takeaway. Avoid excessive heat; store these compostable bags in a cool, dry place and use them within one year of purchase. Purchase only as many as you can use in 9 months.

Advantages of Bio-green Packaging For Consumer

Eco-Friendly & Sustainability
Our Compostable Grocery Bags are made from plant starches and contain NO polyethylene. Without additives, retains the scent of natural plant-based materials, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly; When composted, bags return to the earth as water, CO2, and rich humus. Choose it, Let's together make the earth a better place!

100% Certified Compostable
Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to meet US standard ASTM D6400. Certified OK Compost Home and Seeding to meet European standard EN 13432 by Vinçotte and Tüv Austria. OK, s Compost Home certification guarantees 100% BIODEGRADABILITY IN HOME COMPOSTING facilities.