Disposable PLA plates

PLA Plates Sets for 50 People - Includes 50 - 10" disposable square paper plates Eco Product -Our compostable paper plates are made from 100% sugar cane fibres, the cutlery are made from cornstarch, which is plant-based and eco-friendly, and the straws are made from degradable material PLA,able to be dissolved by the environment
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Features of Disposable PLA plates

Safe to Use

Our bulk compostable plates with food surface contact safe standards and BPA free. No wax lining and non-toxic. Guarantee to provide you with harmless products

Suitable for All Occasions

The disposable dinnerware set are ideal for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Formal Dinners, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Anniversaries, Festivals, Picnics, Catered Events, and All Occasions

Specification of Disposable PLA plates

Product description

Disposable PLA biodegradable plate tray

Product material





Product characteristics

Disposable ECO friendly biodegradable compostable




Colour custom

Support color customization,please contact




LOGO custom

Support LOGO customization,please contact

Packaging customization

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