Description of Compostable Window Bags

Pack your items in these unique vertical kraft paper bags with transparent window strips. These small bags are made of thick materials to protect your items from moisture, gases and odors. They are characterized by a matte appearance, with frosted panels on the front, a secure zipper-sealed top, and a spacious gusset bottom. Their zipper seal top is heat sealable. These bags have a high barrier protective layer to help absorb moisture and oxygen. Use these bags to pack perishable items and dry food. When using, just fill the required contents, and then apply slight pressure from one side of the top of the zipper to the other side until it is closed. Three different sizes meet your different storage needs and are very suitable for storing dry food, such as snacks, tea, coffee beans, herbs, spices, condiments, etc.

Design Advantages of Compostable Window Bags

  1. It is made of food-grade high-quality kraft paper, which is firm, waterproof and leakproof, prevents the contents from getting damp, and provides you with an excellent shelf life.
  2. The vertical design saves space and keeps your kitchen organizer. Each bag has a rectangular frosted window, so you can easily view your content and save time.
  3. The heat sealing function provides comprehensive protection for your food, which is easy to open. The resealable zipper is strong enough to ensure that your food is safe inside without suddenly opening.
  4. It is very suitable for herbs, spices, grains, granola Cereals, snacks, cookies, candy, coffee beans, nuts, dried flowers, tea, pet snacks, powder, seeds, etc.