Description of Compostable Lunch Trays

Our compostable plates are made from 100% bagasse to help us preserve trees and protect the environment. You play your part in protecting the environment whenever you use our paper plates. We make these disposable plates to withstand high temperatures allowing you to heat your food easily without ending up with a leaking or deformed plate. Our compact yet perfect portion-controlled heavy duty plates (Size: L 9.7" x W 7.9" x H 1.6") are liquid, oil, and cut resistant. It is designed to easily hold in one hand for buffet dining and occupy less space on the table for fine dining without compromising the amount of food it can hold in its exceptionally deep 5 compartments (an 11.5oz, a 9.5oz, two 4.5oz, a 1oz). Enjoy your food without worrying about the plate being too large, heavy, or soggy.

What Are Compostable Lunch Trays Made Of?

  • The pulp molded disposable lunch box takes plant fibers such as wheat straw and bagasse as raw materials, without adding any PP materials, and is formed by the pulp molding wet pressing process. Food grade additives such as waterproof and oilproof are added to the pulp to achieve the effect of holding hot and cold food.
  • Corn starch degradable lunch box is made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by biopolyesters, polyols, and other substances.
  • PLA degradable lunch box usually refers to the product of the combination of PLA composite film and pulp molded products in the pulp molding process.