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Bio-plastic Packaging Importance

Degradable plastic bags can avoid the erosion of bacteria and prevent the generation of new garbage. Degradable plastic bags can be completely degraded within 2-3 years. Because no recycled materials are added, these green plastic packaging will be converted into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter when they are completely degraded.


Bio-plastic Packaging Advantages

  1. Energy savings
    Reduce virgin plastic consumption and help save energy and fossil fuels;
  2. Avoid plastic
    Reuse single-use items and keep plastic out of land;
  3. Enhance competitiveness
    Help brand owners to establish a good corporate image, create competitive advantage and enhance the intangible assets of their brand.

Bio-plastic Packaging For Varieties Occasions

  1. Party
    There are many people at the party, so these compostable party cups are more convenient and hygienic to use disposable ones.
  2. Restaurants
    It is easy to clean in restaurants and reduces labor costs.