Biodegradable Clear Cups Description

Although they are no different from ordinary plastics, and they are light and strong, they will be completely degraded into water, carbon dioxide, and organic substances during composting. Compared with petroleum-based plastic cups that produce toxicity and environmental pollution, there is no reason not to use these compostable cups made of easily renewable resources.


Biodegradable Clear Cups Features

  1. Durable and convenient
    It is fall-proof and stackable, saving cleaning time after use. The uneven wall of the disposable cup can prevent the cup from sliding and overflowing. The curling of the cup provides comfortable sipping.
  2. Happy drinks
    The transparent cup ensures that you can quickly identify the beverage, and you will know the bubbles, ice cubes, smoothies, or fruits in the cup.
  3. All occasions
    Help you easily hold a party. Our compostable cups for wedding, families, cafes, offices, anniversaries, picnics, ceremonies, and Christmas are suitable in any occasions.