Multi-use of Biodegradable Films

  1. Food Packings like vegetables, fruit, and sweety food;
  2. Product Packing like electronic products, daily life products, medical products, etc.

Advantages of Biodegradable Films for Food Packaging

  1. Good performance
    PLA film, with good transparency, and well-printing properties.
  2. Environment friendly
    Made of PLA, it is a kind of biodegradable, and bio-based film, which is non-toxic to humans and the environment.
  3. Widely use
    It is a good choice for food wrapping, use bio-film and natural film to wrap nature food.

What Is The Difference Of Compostable Stretch Film And Compostable Shrink Film

  1. Energy consumption
    Stretch packaging saves raw materials than shrink packaging and does not need a heat shrink packaging machine, saving energy.
  2. Purpose
    The elastic tension of the tensile film is large, and the damage to the goods caused by bundling can be avoided. The shrink film processing process will not produce moisture and will not stick to the product. It is suitable for automatic packaging in high-speed production lines.