Compostable Yogurt Cups Description

The biodegradable yogurt packaging contains clear PLA cups with matching lids, enough to host all family and friends. People can easily hold these biodegradable yogurt cups in hand or a car cup holder—an economical way to make cold drinks and still keep them convenient and enjoyable.
The rolled rim design allows the lid to fit tightly with the PLA compostable cups to prevent leaks or drips, providing a comfortable drinking experience. The compostable yogurt cups is very suitable for daily use in the family or serving guests' drinks on the go.

Compostable Yogurt Cups Features

  • PLA biodegradable yogurt cups with lids, excellent quality with crystal clear look.
  • All are made of upgraded thickened PLA material, smooth and durable.
  • Ultra transparency presents the delicious appearance of beverages perfectly.


Eco Friendly Yogurt Packaging Description

These biodegradable yogurt packaging would be the best choice for iced coffee, lattes, lemonade, smoothies, milkshakes, bubble boba, and Slurpee, and also for pudding, ice cream, yogurt, and fruit. Simple sustainable compostable food packaging changes making difference and better pleasure. All compostable yogurt cups and lids are only for cold drinks.

As professional yogurt packaging suppliers, we respect and value every customer's experience. Our plastic cups of PLA material can only hold drinks at room temperature or any cold beverage(under 113 ℉).


Sustainable Yogurt Packaging Importance

Our common disposable PLA cup is a kind of biodegradable plastic cup, different from the previous plastic cups. Due to the expanding human demand for plastic cups, the pollution of the environment by white plastic is becoming more and more serious. PLA is a biodegradable material, made by the fermentation of agricultural crops such as corn. The production process of PLA is pollution-free, biodegradable, and recyclable in nature, making it an ideal green polymer material. Because polylactic acid (PLA) cups have better environmental friendliness and degradability making PLA cups friendly to the environment, this type of plastic cup uses polylactic acid (PLA) instead of polyethylene (PE).


Eco Friendly Yogurt Packaging Applications

KIDS’ FRIENDLY: You can pack the yogurt parfaits in the kid's lunches now. They are a perfect size, and so convenient for your kids to just grab & go.
Perfect for individual servings, such as yogurt parfait, fruit parfait, granola parfait, banana pudding, dips and veggies, take away breakfast, and snacks.

NO LEAKS AND NICE SEALING: These biodegradable yogurt cups hold food very well, flat lid and insert fit tightly with the cups, No more spills, and no more mess.
Perfect for individual servings, such as yogurt parfait, fruit parfait, granola parfait, banana pudding, dips, veggies, take-away breakfast, and snacks.

Multi-purpose for many occasions: birthday parties, celebrations, weddings, baby showers, bakeries, and catering events, picnics, bake sales, just grab and go.


Biodegradable Yogurt Packaging Materials

Our yogurt sustainable packaging is made of crystal clear, sturdy, and durable PLA, 100% food-grade, BPA-free, disposable and reusable, and safe for cold drinks and desserts.



Easyjoint, Your Yogurt Packaging Suppliers

Company strength: Our eco friendly food packaging wholesale factory can produce hundreds of thousands of yogurt cups every day, and we have our own factory with good quality and low prices.

MONEY SAVER: Save a lot of cash by making your own fruit parfait for the children. A good way to get rid of all the fruit they don’t eat when it’s still in the fridge packaging.
Cup and Lid Fit Perfectly, are Easy to Seal, and Have No Leakage.

Environmentally-Friendly: These reusable small dessert cups are made of PLA plastic that helps keep your events easy to clean while simultaneously minimizing your carbon footprint.

HIGH QUALITY: These compostable yogurt cups are made of premium, clear PLA with no toxins or harsh chemical additives. Safe for cold drinks and dessert.