What Are Compostable Containers for Food Made Of?

Our biodegradable containers with lids are made of thermoplastic starch, vegetable fiber, aliphatic polyester, polyanionic acid, the weight percentage of each component is thermoplastic starch 88%-95%, vegetable fiber 2%-4%, aliphatic polyester 0.5%-2%, polyanionic acid 3%-7%.

Environmental Impact of Compostable Containers with Lids

  1. For land, degradable materials of eco friendly food packaging containers degrade rapidly and cause little damage to soil, ensuring the vitality and fertility of soil microorganisms.
  2. For the ocean, reduce the possibility that marine organisms will eat "plastic particles".
  3. Then through the fishing industry, the compostable food containers with lids can enter the human table and reduce the threat to human health.

Why Choose EASY JOINT--A Biodegradable Containers Wholesale Manufacturer

  1. Strong R & D capability
    The biodegradable food packaging wholesale company has been focusing on the research and development of new starch bio-based technology, with an annual output of 15000 tons of biodegradable raw materials and products like chinese food containers compostable.
  2. Complete production equipment
    The environmentally friendly disposable food containers production equipment has an automatic sheet extruder, positive and negative servo sheet forming machine, granulator, straw equipment, film blowing and bag making machine, and other equipment.
  3. Perfect after-sales service
    Customer pre-sales consultation, solve customer questions, let customers rest assured to cooperate with us. The customer's after-sales problems are solved so that the customer can avoid worries.


Compostable Containers for Food Benefits

  1. The raw material is waste paper pulp or renewable wheat, reed, straw, bamboo, sugarcane, palm and other straw fibers, which have a wide range of sources and low prices, and do not use wood at all.
  2. There is no waste water in the production process and no discharge.
  3. The compostable containers with lids are waterproof and oil-proof.
  4. During use, compostable freezer containers can be frozen and refrigerated at -18°C, can be heated in a microwave oven, and can be baked at 220°C.
  5. The compostable food containers with lids can be completely degraded within 45-90 days in their natural state and can be composted at home. After degradation, the main component is organic matter, and will not produce any garbage residue and pollution.
  6. The Chinese food containers compostable is non-toxic and harmless, safe and secure.


Biodegradable Compostable Food Containers Application

These disposable take out food containers with lids can be closed easily and quickly with the tab and slot features, which can let your leftovers safely stored in boxes that won't accidentally open and spill during transportation.
The compostable containers for food mean fewer dirty dishes to clean; They won't waste bowls or plates when you can reheat our carrying case in the microwave for a quick lunch; These takeout clamshell food containers are innocuous and can be safely heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
The biodegradable clear clamshell containers offer a disposable design that quickly degrades and is easy to use, suitable for everyday or restaurant use, camping, picnics, lunches, meals, barbecues, events, parties, weddings, ideal cutlery for your family and friends.


Custom Wholesale Biodegradable Containers

EASYJOINTGREEN provides customized wholesale biodegradable containers services, we can produce products and LOGO customized services according to your requirements.
We can combine your requirements with our products to produce custom biodegradable containers such as biodegradable salad containers that meet your requirements. If you don't have a LOGO for the time being, we can also provide customized LOGO design services to help you promote your brand better and faster.
If you are interested in our customized services, please add the compostable food containers with lids you are interested in your demand list, and attach your needs and customized plans, send your needs to our email, or contact us by phone, We will provide you with customized services according to your needs.
We will provide you with the highest quality wholesale biodegradable containers, the best price, and customized services with great value for money!


Biodegradable Containers with Lids FAQs


1. Are biodegradable containers microwave safe?

These microwave compostable containers can be used for Hot or Cold Food Items. It offers Reliable Strength and Does Not contain any Plastic or Wax Lining. These biodegradable containers with lids are Microwaveable; Freezable. Oil and Cut-resistant Note: Hot Foods can cause the compostable food containers with lids to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.

2. How to make biodegradable containers

Soak and disintegrate the sugarcane pulp, put the disintegrated slurry into the pulp mixing tank to dilute, add oil-repellent and water repellent and stir evenly when diluting, transport the slurry to the environmental protection paper mold forming machine to remove the Moisture makes the fibers adsorb on the screen to form a wet embryo. Transfer the wet embryo and the screen to a hot-press setting machine to squeeze out the water and dry it to form a semi-finished product. Remove the excess edge material with a cutter through the edge trimmer. After the quality inspection, the biodegradable compostable food containers that meet the requirements will be disinfected and packaged.