Food Safe Paper Sheets Description

"PERFECT FOOD WRAPPING PAPER FOR VARIOUS GOODIES. These perfect-size deli sheets are great to use for paper sandwich wrap, deli wraps, food packaging, and fast food basket liners for burgers, French fries, chicken wings, and other greasy meals.
SUPERIOR GREASE-PROOF BASKET LINER STANDS UP TO ANY FOOD. Our food paper liners can stand up to any greasy food like barbecue or picnic foods, superior oil resistance deli squares prevent oil from penetrating the paper which allows the food’s original flavor and taste to remain intact. Giant sandwich paper sheets prevent messes!
ALL NATURAL FOOD PAPER SHEETS. Our sandwich paper wraps are made of quality food-safe kraft paper material. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Even if these food basket liners are disposable, you don't have to worry about their damage to the environment. Plus, guests love that you care about the environment!

CLASSIC BROWN DELI WRAP SHEETS MAKE YOUR FOOD LOOK MORE APPETIZING. Compared to other colors, these wonderful classic brown sandwich wrap paper sheets make food look more attractive and professional. You will get more praise from friends or customers when you give them delicious food which packs with our deli paper."

Functions of Food Safe Paper Sheets

  1. Made of 100% chlorine-free recycled natural kraft paper, our pre-cut deli squares are perfect for lining fast food and cafeteria trays, paper food boats, wire food baskets, wire food cones, takeout containers, and more!
  2. You’ll never have to worry about grease leaking through the wrapper and getting onto your clothes. Our deli papers are designed with greasy foods in mind. With high grease resistance, our kraft food basket liners prevent oil from penetrating the paper, allowing the food’s original flavor & taste to remain intact.
  3. Our paper sheets are a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags and foam take-out containers.