Description of Compostable Blister Moulding Material

We are about to usher in the era of a total plastic ban, so degradable materials have also become materials to replace some plastic products. For example, disposable shopping bags, disposable lunch boxes, and tableware, disposable express packaging bags, agricultural mulch, etc. Degradable material is simply a kind of biodegradable material that can be biodegradable under the appropriate temperature and humidity and has always achieved the purpose of avoiding environmental pollution. At present, degradable materials mainly include PLA, PHA, PBAT, PVA, etc.

Benefits of Compostable Blister Moulding Material

PLA has good mechanical and physical properties, good thermal stability, processing temperature of 170 ° C to 230 ° C, and excellent solubility resistance and degradability. In addition to biocompatibility, products made of polylactic acid also have gloss, transparency, good heat resistance, certain bacterial resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance, and excellent tensile strength and ductility.