Description of White Reusable Straws

They are made from natural resources. Fast-growing bamboo is grown without pesticides or pesticides. Bamboo is natural, organic and one of the most sustainable plants. Our bamboo straw is made of 100% natural materials. Nature is the best resource to meet all our product needs. They are biodegradable and have zero waste. Harmless natural decomposition or non-toxic combustion is better than other alternatives. Bamboo fiber straw is durable, heat-resistant, biodegradable, and free of chemicals. This makes them more advantageous than paper, PLA, rice, and wheat straw, which are either not biodegradable or durable in hot and cold drinks.

How To Make White Reusable Straws?

For dehydration and heating of the high-speed mixer, put talc powder into the high-speed thermal mixer for dehydration. After 20 minutes, measure the water content and control it below 0.01%. Add tetra butyl phthalic acid and phthalic acid composite to the dehydrated material, and stir at low speed for 20 minutes. Put the modified material into the cold mixing pot and add PLA, PBAT, lubricant, and antioxidant. Put the prepared materials into the master batch machine, through the feeder, twin-screw extrusion and mixing, melting, and quantitative extrusion to form the masterbatch. Put the master batch into the pipe-making machine, measure the feeding, pipe making, inspection, packaging, and finally become qualified products.