Multi-use of Compostable Raw Materials

  1. Sanitary products (disposable diapers, etc.);
  2. Golf course nail;
  3. Plastic film, water-retaining material;
  4. In adhesives, printing inks;
  5. Shopping bags, disposable lunch boxes, cushioning packaging materials.

Advantages of Compostable Raw Materials

  1. Environment friendly
    In the manufacturing process, less fossil fuels will be consumed and much less pollutants will be produced.
  2. Superior performance
    Most biodegradable materials have good ductility, fracture tensile ratio and impact properties.
  3. Medical supplies
    It not only reduces environmental pollution, but also reduces the difficulty of handling hospital waste.

How To Make Compostable Raw Materials

  1. Mixing
    Polylactic acid, ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate, modified fiber, bentonite or modified bentonite, talc powder, emulsifier, antioxidant and coupling agent are placed in a high-speed mixer and mixed at 125-135 ℃.
  2. Extrusion granulation
    Put into a twin-screw extruder and obtain the degradable environmental protection material through extrusion granulation.