Description of Compostable Food Scrap Bags

Composting is a good way to recycle, reduce and reuse waste, but it is not always as easy as some people seem. Here's a little secret: the key to successful composting is to choose the right type of compost bag. Although some compost bags are easy to tear or not packed much, our compost bags are particularly strong and have amazing capacity. It's true. Super thick 0.71 ml compostable bags can hold 3 gallons each! Use 100% compostable bags in the kitchenette, office lounge, or cafeteria. Each value pack contains a total of 100 compost bags, so you should have enough compost bags in the coming months.

Advantages of Compostable Food Scrap Bags

  1. Durability:
    The garbage bag is 0.75 mils thick, so you can safely throw away wet food residues without leakage. In addition to being extra thick, compostable garbage bags can weigh up to 15 pounds. It is recommended that you replace the garbage bag every two days to ensure hygiene.
  2. Applicable to most trash cans:
    The size (length width diameter) of the garbage bag is 17.7-16.9-5.3 inches respectively. From round, semicircular, rectangular to square trash cans, this kind of bag is suitable for most types. The recommended bin size is less than 13.6 inches in height and less than 3 gallons in capacity.
  3. Multi-purpose:
    Compostable garbage bags can be decomposed into humus, carbon dioxide, and water within 6-12 months after composting (even buried in their own gardens). Therefore, these compostable garbage bags are suitable for a variety of purposes, including home and office uses, outdoor activities, or earthworm composting bins.