Description of Disposable Clear Bowl

Economical disposable products. Using this set of high-end disposable tableware, you can obtain the appearance and performance of exquisite table settings, the convenience of throwing dirty dishes after use, and the uniqueness of this unexpected delicacy and convenience, which make you unexpectedly affordable.
Elegant dessert Cup: the stunning flower design brings an elegant appearance to the bowl, which is very suitable for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, formal dinners, banquets and special events, as well as daily meals, picnics and informal activities.
It is very suitable for serving appetizers, condiments, sauces, ketchup, mustard, salads, puddings, ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen cakes, cakes, pasta, soup, liquid side dishes, fruits, cereal nuts, ice cream, etc.

Functions of Disposable Clear Bowl

Salad bowls are very suitable for various occasions, parties, activities, parties, family dinners, holidays, parties and daily use. These plastic salad bowls are strong and light, with sealed, leak proof plastic covers to keep your food fresh. Whether you are packing lunch or holding an event, these plastic bowls are very suitable for all your food storage needs.
It is very suitable for salad, serving, snacks, popcorn, potato chips, corn tortillas, etc.