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PLA Tableware Description

Crafted from PLA, a bioplastic derived from cornstarch, these disposable tablewares are 100% commercially compostable. These compostable PLA cups are fully biodegradable and compostable and meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability, an Earth-friendly alternative!
This PLA tableware are perfect for family gatherings, wedding parties and other party occasions, because they are disposable and don't require you to clean them. BPA-free and petroleum free - These cups are plant-based, safe, Kids friendly and great for your healthy cold beverage. These cups can be composted in commercial composting facilities.

Is PLA Tableware Eco-friendly?

  1. Perfect for daily use or large catered gatherings or events, such as Birthday parties, Weddings, banquets, Picnics, restaurants, and everyday use
  2. Serve Your Meal In Style With These White Plastic Dinner Bowls! Disposable - Washable - Reusable
  3. These PLA tablewares are an essential addition to your dinner table. They feature a solid white plastic that allows your food to really shine. Use these white plates for any occasion — birthday parties, dinner parties, and more!
    MULTI USE: Disposable - Washable - Reusable