Compostable Hot Cups With Lids Description

The coffee cup is lined with PLA, which can be completely composted in commercial facilities, so it will not leave any mark on our planet.
Natural unbleached paper, made of 100% natural paper. Free of chemicals and artificial dyes, it is your natural choice for drinks.
These hot cups are made of special thick paper, which is suitable for hot drinks and keeps the cup leakproof.
Curling provides extra strength and firmness for the biodegradable milkshake cups, which is suitable for all standard 90mm covers.


Compostable Hot Cups With Lids Functions

It is used to hold steaming hot liquids, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot Boba tea, pearl milk tea, etc. They are strong and durable and can be used for in-house food or take-out food, so drinks can keep hot for a long time. These compostable PLA cups are very suitable for daily use, home use, office use, commuting, and simple or elegant theme parties.