How Long Does It Take For A Biodegradable Bag To Decompose?

Because the soil contains microorganisms and other factors that can help the plastic bags to be degraded better, the general natural degradation days are about 180 days. It only takes 1-2 months to throw it into the sea for degradation.

Advantages of Biodegradable Bag

  1. Alleviate land resources
    Large areas of land have been occupied for a long time due to the burial of plastic bags
  2. Reduce carbon emissions
    Compostable plastic bags wholesale are not produced with polyethylene. They release about 2kg less carbon dioxide than traditional plastics.
  3. Reduce energy consumption
    Plastic bags will consume fossil fuels in the production process, and biodegradable plastic bags will reduce fossil fuels by almost half.

Custom Your Own Biodegradable Bags

  • Step 1: determine the specifications and printed documents
    The printed manuscript can be delivered to the manufacturer according to the sample or the customer's design.
  • Step 2: printing
    The printing of plastic vest bags is generally relatively simple.
  • Step 3: sealing and cutting
    Seal and excavate the printed roll.