Plant-Based Containers Description

Sugarcane pulp products are made from one of the largest food industry wastes: bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. The properties of bagasse fibers can be naturally twisted together to form a tight mesh structure to make biodegradable containers. This new green tableware is not only as strong as plastic and can hold liquids, but it is also cleaner than those biodegradable items made from recyclable materials, which may not be fully deinked and will begin to decompose after 30 to 45 days in the soil and lose their shape completely after 60 days.

Making Process of Plant-Based Containers

  1. Sugarcane bagasse produced by industrial sugar production is screened and cleaned to remove dirt and sand and gravel
  2. The bagasse is cleaned by the alkaline solution to remove the residual sugar in the bagasse
  3. After boiling and softening, the bagasse is sent to the factory, where caustic soda is added and lignin is removed.
  4. After bleaching and cleaning with chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, the treated bagasse is hot pressed into shape.