Description of Individually Wrapped Paper Straws

Equipped with 100 individually packaged straws and adjustable suction heads, it is very suitable for daily drinkings, such as fruit juice, milkshake, smoothie, and iced coffee. Plastic straws can take hundreds of years to decompose and eventually damage the environment. Bamboo paper straw and packaging can degrade into the environment in only a few days or weeks, and will not cause any harm to natural life. Bamboo straws can be used to enjoy drinks in daily life or party activities, such as birthdays, baby parties, weddings, Bachelor/bachelor parties, housewarming parties, and outdoor picnics.

Advantages of Individually Wrapped Paper Straws

  1. 100% safety
    The plastic straw is harmful to the environment and your health. Bamboo paper straw does not contain any dye/color, BPA, and is 100% plastic.
  2. Durable and high quality
    Did your paper straw become mushy long before you finished drinking? Our straw made of bamboo is more durable, thicker, more durable, and can last longer before it begins to decompose.
  3. Perfect size
    With a length of 7.75 inches and a diameter of 0.25 inches, our Kraft Jumbo disposable drinking paper straw is standard size and suitable for most types of cups and beverages. A good product to avoid spills and stains at the party!