Reusable Clear Straws Description

The reusable clear straws are made of modified corn starch and PLA. They comply with ASTM 6400 and EN13432 environmental standards and have passed the certification of biodegradable products Institute (cert# 10529115) and OK post. The maximum heat-resistant temperature of this plant straw is 165 ° F.
Composting is a process that produces compost by decomposing organic waste through microbial digestion. Our transparent reusable straw meets all the requirements of European standard EN 13432 and/or American Standard ASTM d6400. Both specifications require biodegradable/compostable products to decompose completely in a composting environment within a specific time range without leaving harmful residues. The suitable composting environment is warm, humid, nutritious, and rich in microorganisms, so putting biodegradable clear straws in water or just burying it in the soil can not quickly complete the whole degradation process.

But even in a dry room, the biodegradable black straws begin to degrade within 12 months. Please use them as soon as they arrive.

Reusable Clear Straws Advantages

  1. Flexible PLA straw:
    You can enjoy drinks comfortably on the sofa or bed without getting up or turning your neck. Because our wholesale compostable straws are flexible, they are very friendly to the disabled and bedridden people.
  2. A great alternative to plastic straws:
    The clean reusable straws are strong, flexible, and as convenient as ordinary straws. These clear biodegradable straws will neither get wet nor decompose into your drink.
  3. It is good for your health:
    It will not release harmful substances due to overheating, nor will it mix any ingredients into the drink due to contact with oily substances (cream, etc.).