PLA Straws Biodegradable Description

PLA biodegradable straws are made from a new bio-based and renewable biodegradable material called PLA, also known as polylactic acid. It is made of starch raw material proposed by renewable plant resources. Since starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in 45 days under composting conditions after using and discarding, which does not pollute the environment; the product has good gloss and transparency, and has the advantages of safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and biodegradability, with a shelf life of up to 12 months; while ordinary plastic straws use After discarded, it will not degrade automatically and pollute the environment to a certain extent.

Are PLA Straws Good?

  1. Reusable straws disposable are made of cornstarch, 100% plant-based biodegradable and compostable naturally degrades plastic.
  2. Flexible to move without bending your head, add fun to use, and create interesting ways to drink more water, and juice.
  3. PLA straws are the best alternative to plastic straws, can reduce billions of plastic waste, maintain ecological balance, and naturally degrade within 3-6 months.