Description of Biodegradable Clear Film

Made from PLA, bio-degradable, waterproof, flexible, scalable, self-adhesive, and gentle stretching. Do not need to knot, saving time-saving effort.
PLA has the following advantages:
  1. PLA(Polylactic Acid)Film has good mechanical and physical properties and has good tensile strength and ductility.
  2. It has good gloss and high transparency and has the same printing performance as traditional films.
  3. PLA is the only biodegradable plastic with excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. Environmentally friendly material, instead of non-degradable plastic film

Applicable Scene of Biodegradable Clear Film

No harm to the grafting part of the plant. Good light transmission, allows plants to enjoy the sunlight fully, helping the interface to heal.
Biodegradable in sunlight. Allow airs to pass through. This PLA cling film is excellent moister barrier for grafting and budding, and can wrap the branches several circles, also fit for large diameter branches.
Important for budding and grafting, suitable for pecans, walnuts, citrus, avocado, stone fruits, flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc..