Compostable PLA Lids Description

These clear biodegradable cup lids (only for foods below 110F) are made of 100% polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from corn grown. These compostable PLA cups are fully biodegradable and compostable and meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability, and are ASTM D6400-99 certified for "compostable plastics". Though they are indistinguishable from normal plastic and as light and strong, they fully degrade into the water, carbon dioxide, and organic material when composted. There is no reason not to use these compostable cups made from readily renewable resources as compared to petroleum-based plastic cups, which create toxicity and environmental pollution.

Features of Compostable PLA Lids

  1. 100% compostable and biodegradable bamboo coffee cups are made from sustainable, renewable, and fast-growing bamboo fiber, laminated with compostable corn-starch-based materials.
  2. Compostable bamboo paper cups are unbleached, plastic-free, and BPA-free. Heat-resistant up to 194° F.
  3. They are sturdy to hold for dine-in or to-go, keep the beverage hot for a long time. Cups are unbleached with bamboo's natural and beige color.