Completed with 100 PLA clear cups and 100 matching flat lids (with a straw hole). Cups and lids of PLA containers are packaged separately, which makes it very easy to store. Therefore, our snack cup is a perfect choice for saving your time on keeping organized.
With excellent crack-resistant ability, these clear PLA cups with lids are made of premium, clear, sturdy and durable food-grade plastic materials. Are committed to providing secure and recyclable plastic disposable cups with lids to your life! Perfect for milk, coffee, smoothies, shakes, juice, iced tea.

The lids (with a straw hole) of disposable PLA cups snap on nice and tightly, providing a strong seal and leak-proof function to keep the contents from spilling. With the crystal clear drinking cups, you can decorate them for fun or write on them with permanent markers for kids or party guests to track their own.

These disposable plastic cups with lids are perfect for iced coffee, smoothies, Bubble Boba tea, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water, sodas, juices, snacks, dessert, ect in all occasions. Meanwhile, you can throw away the plastic cups after repeated used, saving your time doing washing.