PLA Cutlery Description

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable polymer material, which is produced from lactic acid products of important agricultural economic crops (corn, etc.) through modern biotechnology as raw material, and then through a special polymerization process to generate polymer materials, also known as corn plastic. The waste can be buried and fertilized, and can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by the action of microorganisms, saving oil and energy, which is a real green product.

Is PLA Cutlery Material Compostable?

  1. Superior locking mechanism knuckle on tab prevents the lid from opening unintentionally
  2. Excellent insulation properties ensure that food inside the container is kept at a proper serving temperature, while vent holes on sidewalls preserve its freshness and crispiness.
  3. Non-absorbent construction prevents liquid from soaking through.