Bio-green Packaging For Party

FOOD: Thses plates are perfect for appetizers, or desserts such as a slice of cake, pie, ice cream, side salad, quick bits, toddler food, club sandwich, cookies, greasy food, baked beans, and Pet food like wet canned cat food and dog food.

OCCASIONS: Plates are made from natural unbleached plant fiber with brown, beige color. Perfect for daily meals, party plates, wedding plates, birthday party, picnic, camping, BBQ, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and other natural, rustic types, or elegant theme gatherings. They are perfect for special events, food service occasions, catering, restaurants, food trucks, and to-go orders.

Advantages of Bamboo Party Plates

MATERIALS: 100% compostable, biodegradable disposable plates. All these plates are environmental-friendly compostable plates, meet ASTM D6400, D6868 standards. 1-6 months to fully compost at municipal and industrial composting facilities; home composting time may vary from home to home.

FEATURES: Our eco-friendly paper plates are microwavable, thick, and strong, with no plastic or wax lining, unbleached, dye-free, gluten-free, plastic-free, BPA-free, cut-resistant, and oil-resistant. Perfect for serving hot or cold food. Microwave safe up to 248° F (with food).