Sugarcane Cups Description

【Eco-friendly Disposable Cups】Compostable cups are 100% natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, They are made of paper and PLA lined a plant-based material. Can be composted in a commercial facility it only takes 3-6 months. A perfect alternative to traditional plastic and waxes linings. Give up traditional plastic and paper cups.

【Food Grade】ECOLipak's Compostable coffee cups are plastic-free. You will not find BPA that can be found in plastic products. You no longer need to worry about the possible health problems caused by disposable products. Allowing you to enjoy eco-friendly and safety at the same time.

【Practical and Convenient】Our cup with rolled rims for comfortable drinking. Can be used for any hot and cold drinks. Great for serving coffee, tea, and espresso. Disposable compostable cups can be thrown directly into the compost bin after use, helping you save time on cleaning.

【Unique Design】The tree-printed disposable drinking cups demonstrate their eco-friendly. Impressing your friends or guests when hosting an event or party with earth-conscious dinnerware! Perfect for daily use, parties, office use, picnic, travel, and events.

【Premium After-sale Service】 We are always committed to providing our customers with high-quality biodegradable cups. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us promptly.

Advantages of Sugarcane Cups

  1. Zero Pollution to The Environment! Disposable plastic products have brought a lot of trouble to our environment. These PLA-lined cups are a perfect substitute for traditional paper and plastic cups
  2. These paper cups are made of 100% natural plant-based sustainable materials. Can compost in the commercial facility, it only takes 3-6 months, It's very friendly to the environment
  3. Convenient and Time-saving. Disposable paper coffee cups can be put directly into the compost bin and enjoy the convenience of using disposable paper cups without fear of harming the planet
  4. Unparalleled Strength. Heavy-duty paper cups with PLA lined are stronger and more durable. They have good oil resistance and soaking resistance