Why Is Green Plastic Packaging Important?

The accumulated non-biodegradable garbage poses a serious threat to plants, animals, wildlife and human beings. This waste is mainly made of toxic compounds known to cause serious diseases. The adverse effects of plastic pollution have begun to affect life in various forms, including groundwater pollution, air pollution, land pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and so on. It's time to stop using this toxic material and start paying attention to sustainable development. It's time to save the environment for future generations.

Benefits of Using Green Plastic Packaging

  1. It is easy to use once and biodegradable.
  2. It contains no allergens, toxins and harmful plastics.
  3. It has a positive impact on the brand image, thereby increasing sales.
  4. Sustainable packaging helps reduce, recycle and reuse packaging, thereby ensuring cost savings.

Green Plastic Packaging For Varieties Occasions

  1. Shoe box
    Compared with traditional shoeboxes, it can save more than 65% of paper and 60% of water, energy, and fuel consumption every year.
  2. Computer packaging
    It can not only reduce the use of traditional materials on the basis of strengthening the protection of electronic products by packaging, but also facilitate the packaging to degrade into fertilizer faster after use.