Bio-green Packaging For Wedding

A SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE - Our biodegradable coffee cups are better for nature, as they won't end up in a landfill or pollute the oceans.

HOLDS HOT OR COLD DRINKS - Whether it's your morning java, steaming Earl Grey, or even chilled orange juice, our paper coffee cups can be used for your favorite beverages.
PERFECT FOR EVENTS - Need disposable cups for your wedding, birthday party, or special event? Our bulk pack of single-use paper cups offers great value for a cheap price, making it a fantastic choice!

Advantages of Compostable Cups For Wedding

Eco-Friendly Compostable Paper Cups- Disposable coffee cups are great for hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea, and juices.

PLA Lined- eco-friendly paper cups are PLA lined, making them fully compostable in commercial facilities, so no imprint is left on our planet.

Natural Unbleached Paper- these paper cups are unbleached and made from 100% natural paper. Chemical free and no artificial dyes, these are the natural choice for your beverages.

Ultra Thick Paper- these hot cups are made of specialty thick paper, making it suitable for hot drinks and keeping the cups leak-resistant.