PLA Sheet & Film Description

The mechanical properties of PLA sheets are very similar to PET sheets. However, typical PLA grades have a lower maximum continuous service temperature and are more brittle. Often plasticizers are added which (greatly) improve its flexibility, tear-resistance and impact strength (pure PLA is rather brittle). Some novel grades also have much-improved heat stability and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C (HDT, 0.45MPa). The heat performance of general purpose PLA is typically between LDPE and HDPE and its impact strength is comparable to HIPS and PP whereas impact modified grades have much higher impact strength comparable to ABS.
Most commercial PLA films are 100% biodegradable and compostable. However, the biodegradation time can vary greatly depending on composition, crystallinity, and environmental conditions.

Advantages of PLA Sheet & Film

  1. Amorphous or semi-crystalline and have very good clarity and gloss and little to no odor.
  2. Films made of PLA have very high moisture vapor transmission, and very low oxygen and CO2 transmission rates.
  3. PLA films also have good chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, vegetable oils, and the like.