Clear Lids Description

These covers are made of artificial dyes and colored PLA and are friendly substitutes for polystyrene foam and ordinary plastics. PLA is very strong and can be used many times. So you can mix and match all your drinks! You can safely store your hot or cold drinks. These PLA lids can also be used to store your ingredients, spices, and various items for storage.


Clear Lids Benefits

  • 98 mm dome cup cover, 1000 per package (excluding cups).
  • The kitchen is friendly, sturdy, and versatile.
  • Made of PLA, portable and sturdy.
  • The biodegradable lids are very suitable for capping cold drink cups and can be used with any 98 mm opening to obtain a firm and tight seal.
  • Ideal for commercial use in restaurants, cafes, cafes, and food trucks. It is also suitable for personal use.