Biodegradable Bowls Advantages

  1. Raw materials come from a wide range of sources and are cheap, so wood is not used at all.
  2. No wastewater is produced and discharged in the production process of making compostable disposable bowls.
  3. The biodegradable plastic bowls can be completely degraded in its natural state within 45-90 days, and will not produce any garbage residue and pollution after degradation.
  4. As a bio packaging for food container, it has the characteristics of cushioning, compression resistance, and shock resistance, which can effectively protect the packaged products.

Biodegradable Paper Bowls Introduction

100% biodegradable sugarcane bowl is suitable for your home, party or catering supplies with the most planet-friendly compostable paper bowls that get the job done without adding to the plastic problem. A great value pack of 50 disposable compostable bowls wholesale to serve soup, chilly, salads, snacks, stews, cereal and so much more. Perfect for home use, hosting big parties or gatherings, food catering, to-go or takeout orders, food trucks or any other professional setting.

Biodegradable Soup Bowls Introduction

As one of the leading biodegradable food packaging suppliers, our biodegradable soup bowls are made from food-grade materials, They have no wax lining, gluten-free and plastic-free. You will not find BPA that can be found in plastic bowls. When you open the package, you will not smell any pungent smell, It is very safe and healthy. You can use our biodegradable soup bowls with peace of mind. Our Eco-friendly disposable bowls with lids is the perfect choice for your party or picnic.

Biodegradable Bowls Bulk FAQs

How To Make Compostable Bowls with Lids?

  1. Start the hydraulic pulper to break various plant fibers.
  2. Put the broken slurry into the slurry preparation tank for dilution, and add oil and waterproofing agent.
  3. Remove the water in the slurry through vacuum suction filtration on the molding machine, and manually transfer the wet embryo and the wire mesh to the hot pressing and setting machine.
  4. Use the hot pressing die to quickly squeeze the moisture from the wet embryo and dry the wet embryo.
  5. Disinfect with ultraviolet sterilizer.

Are Biodegradable Bowls Microwavable?

Pulp lunch boxes such as sugarcane and wheat straw can be heated in a microwave oven, up to 220 ℃. However, those compostable bowls with lids such as disposable paper soup bowls should not be put in microwave ovens. Plastic lunch boxes have a low ignition point. In addition, toxic substances will be released after heating, affecting food safety.