Description of Compostable Injection Moulding Material

"Glycol Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as PETG, is a kind of transparent plastic, which is an amorphous copolyester. It offers excellent properties for sheet extrusion, injection molding, extrusion blow molding, tubing, and profile extrusion.
Performance: High-temperature resistant petg, Low-temperature resistant petg, High wear resistance petg, Resistance to chemical petg, Aging resistance petg, High flow petg, High gloss petg, High hardness petg, High strength petg, High viscosity petg, High transparent petg, Film grade petg, Coating grade petg, Scraping resistance petg, Resistance to solvent petg, Modified grade petg, Uv-resistant PETG, Injection grade petg, Can be weldedg petg, Fire retardant petg, Conductive petg, Anti-static petg, Medical grade petg, Food grade petg."

Advantages of Compostable Injection Moulding Material

1. Degradation environment: industrial and home composting
2. Degradation time: about one year
3. Burning: the heat combustion of PLA is smaller, no pollution to the air
4. Quality: strict quality control
5. Wide application:
  • For Sheet Lamination
  • For Film Usage
  • For Bottles Making
  • For 3D Printer