Bio-green Packaging For Catering

Premium Quality Clam shell 3-compartment container
Our large clamshell serving trays have 3 separate compartments to prevent cross-contact with your main and sides. Serve full meals in convenient style durable food containers. Show off your mouthwatering baked goods, sub sandwiches, salads, desserts, pastries, frozen foods, and more with these 3 compartment containers. Our biodegradable clamshell containers lock in freshness, keeping your food delectable and undamaged.

Keep Your Dishes Intact
Our thick rectangle plastic storage clamshell containers are leak-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about any liquids seeping out or getting in. The tight seal makes our containers odor resistant preventing any unsavory smells from affecting the taste of your food freshness. They are also freezer, microwave dishwasher safe, and recyclable.

These quality to-go clamshells can be used for hot or cold food items. these disposable shallow containers are Microwavable & Freezable, oil, and cut-resistant. convenient size to use as a weight loss aid for portion control. Easily customize our white takeaway containers disposal by adding your company logo and/or icon, stickers, labels, ribbons, etc. Perfect for Camping, Picnics, Lunches, Catering, BBQs, Events, Parties, Weddings, and Restaurants Business Supplies to take home use, and throw.

Advantages of Biodegradable Catering Trays

Eco-friendly Design
These three compartments carry-out plant based disposable plates with lids are made of sustainable and renewable materials. A great alternative to traditional cardboard or foam or compostable bagasse, the disposable container offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup for You, your Customers, and the Planet.

Durable Tray for Transport
We’ve designed our plastic to-go boxes for food with a hinged lock to securely seal the trays. When you hear the snap, you’ll know that your square container is tightly closed. We’ve even included gripper tabs to make opening our containers easier. The curved, reinforced sidewalls add extra durability for heavier meal prepping and dinner planner. This container's durability enables you to go-stack containers for compact presentation and transportation.