Eco-Friendly: Our packing food containers are made out of environmentally-friendly paper. a biodegradable material. A great alternative to Traditional Paper or Plastic, the disposable salad bowls offer the same sturdy function and are microwave safe.

Oil Proof and Leak Proof:
Prevent grease and oil from soaking through. Your food will be securely packaged in these packed-in take-out boxes. Food packaging boxes are also microwaveable. It is also the best one-time substitute for cleaning tableware.

Suitable for Many Occasions:
Our biodegradable paper bowls are suitable for restaurant takeout, packing, holiday parties, school meals, and so on. It can hold all kinds of food, such as: fruit and vegetable salad, pasta, fried rice, boiled food, pasta, fried food, all kinds of fried dishes, etc. It's easy to heat up.

100% Compostable:
These disposable serving bowls can replace the cleaning of tableware. It is the best choice for takeout box fast food restaurants, and it is also an ecological and sustainable paper box. Great for packaging carry out hot or cold food.