Eco Friendly Disposable To Go Containers And Lids

Derived from sugarcane pulp, bagasse fibers are a sweet alternative to paper and plastic. In a composting setting, these food containers' disposable qualities mean they decompose entirely in 3 to 6 months. Your compostable to go boxes for food are intended for short-term storage. These natural fibers may become flimsy over time—take this as a sign of your earth-loving commitment! Breakdown occurs naturally and is evidence of the incredible, biodegradable quality of your compostable takeaway boxes. Taking food out or bringing it home is a breeze with a planet-friendly, 1 compartment food container by brheez.
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Features of Eco Friendly Disposable To Go Containers And Lids

Good For Environment: Made from sustainably sourced sugarcane fibers, these compostable take-out containers are 100% biodegradable and suitable for composting for easy disposal, making these compostable carry out containers better for the environment than plastic and foam containers.
Heavy Duty And Double Locking: With no plastic or wax lining, 26 oz compostable food containers are designed with superior strength and no leaks, they are also microwave safe.
Ideal Food Containers For Occasions: Biodegradable food containers with lids are perfect for gatherings, takeout orders, potluck parties, office lunches, packing a daily lunch, storing leftovers, picnics, eco-friendly restaurants, food trucks.
100% Risk-Free Guarantee: Designed to meet your needs, we're certain you'll be pleased with our bagasse biodegradable to go food containers. In case you have any questions, just contact us and we'll make it right.

Specification of Eco Friendly Disposable To Go Containers And Lids


9" / 8" / 7.5" / 6x9" / 6" / 5.5"

Quality :

High quality , Sturdy, durable snap lock, 3 Layers Extruding Sheet




9x9inch : 65-68g ;

8x8inch: 53-55g;

7x7inch: 48-50g



5.5x5.5inch: 23-24g.


Black / White /Clear/Customize Available


bagasse fibers 


350-1200ml available

Compartment Shape:

1 or 3 compartment, Square and Rectangle Shape Available




Packing/Loading Quantity:

Loading Quantity for MFPP Containers per 40HQ container : 


9"x9" : 1950cartons*150pcs / 40HQ, Total 292500pcs ; 


8"x8": 2300cartons*150pcs/ 40HQ, Total 345000pcs;


7"x7" : 2400cartons *150pcs/ 40HQ , Total 360000pcs;


6"x9" : 2750cartons*150pcs/ 40HQ, Total 412500pcs;


6"x6": 1900 cartons *250pcs/ 40HQ, Total 475000pcs;


5"x5": 2100 cartons * 250pcs / 40HQ, Total 525000pcs;


Hot and Cold Food, Fried Food, Hamburger, Chips, Noodles, Rice, etc. To Go Food, Takeaway Food, Takeout Food. Good for Take Out Packing. 


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