Composting Paper Bags For Yard Waste

Our heavy duty lawn and leaf bagsare perfect for storing grass clippings, leaves, weeds, twigs, and other yard waste! Designed to stand alone, our large trash bags make cleaning up yard waste easy. Our lawn bags for leaves are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable! They are a great way to collect waste while also protecting the environment.
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Features of Composting Paper Bags For Yard Waste

Compostable: Our kraft paper lawn bags are great for composting! Our grass wholesale biodegradable bags for lawn will degrade over time at various speeds depending on the environmental conditions (light, wind, rain, etc). If composting at home, chop and/or shred the paper trash bags and use proper composting measures.
Durable Waste Bags: No need to worry about pointy twigs creating holes - our durable leaf bags are puncture & tear-resistant. They’re also made with 2 ply wet strength paper construction, making them great for holding both wet and dry leaves.

Specification of Composting Paper Bags For Yard Waste

Compostable Paper Bag Brown Eco-friend trash paper bag Yard Waste Lawn And Leaf Bag Double-layer kraft paper

Wholesale cheap environmental friendly paper bag

Eco 70-200gsm kraft paper 

Custom logo printing MOQ2000pcs

Minimum order for 2 batches of 50PCS (accept lower initial order qty)

Custom color

Available in 7 days

TT, LC, Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union


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