Compostable Sushi Trays

Although the packaging is made of plants, not oil, our sushi trays and lids look and feel similar to traditional plastics, and are very strong. Pallets are sold with transparent covers. Because our sushi tray and lid are made of polylactic acid, they are most suitable for food with a temperature below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. They need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Our compostable products meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability, and have passed ASTM d6400-99 "Compostable Plastics" certification. Although they are as light and strong as plastic, they are completely biodegradable when composting. Now, you can use our compostable alternatives instead of petroleum based plastics that can cause toxicity and environmental pollution.
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Features of Compostable Sushi Trays

Grease resistance and leak proof:
These high-quality compostable sushi trays are made of 100% recyclable plastic, designed to ensure that your food stays delicious on the road! Easy to contain sauce and grease!
 Snap on cover that can increase freshness:
These take away sushi trays are equipped with close fitting snap on covers to ensure that the food remains fresh. Perfect for storing and serving prepared sushi rolls!
 Suitable for sushi, sashimi, appetizers, etc.:
Each black sushi tray is 6 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, which is very suitable for sashimi, sushi, gyoza, Shumai and so on!
Including transparent plastic cover:
With these transparent plastic covers, let your customers have an irresistible peek into your takeout container! Perfect for displaying your special rolls.

Specification of Compostable Sushi Trays


Sushi tray 04

Sushi tray 06

Sushi tray 08

Sushi tray 10

Sushi tray 15









10g ±1

13g ±1

12g ±1

14g ±1

17g ±1


500 pcs/Ctn 63*20.5*35cm

500 pcs/Ctn 63*24*41cm

500pcs/Ctn 63*25*35cm

500pcs/Ctn 63*27*39cm

500pcs/Ctn 63*29*45cm





Sugarcane Bagasse

Sugarcane Bagasse


Can be heated and refrigerated, Healthy, Nontoxic, Harmless and Sanitary ,can be recycled and protect the resource, water and oil

resistant ,100% Biodegradable ,compostable, environmentally friendly



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