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These cups with matching flat slotted lids to fit all types of straw, from slim to ½ inch wide. Great for the restaurant business, concession stand, cafes, indoor parties, outdoor picnics, and home use.

FEATURES: A crystal clear design to let you label or customize the cup and a rolled rim in case you want good comfortable sipping. It is also intended to tightly fit the lid, secure, and prevent leaks and drips to enjoy a worry-free serving of your favorite beverages.

COST EFFECTIVE: Made from high-quality, commercial-grade crack-resistant PET plastic for durable, reliable usage and hygienic appearance. Disposable and easy to stack for an efficient and quicker-to-go service.

NEAT AND ELEGANT: Clear cup design is a perfect complement to showcase satisfying cold or frozen drinks such as iced coffee, iced tea, bubble boba, cocktails, lemonade juice, milkshakes, sodas, smoothies or even with those fresh fruit/veggie salads and desserts!

BPA FREE: Food safety is our priority, we made sure that everything is made with premium, safe and eco-friendly materials especially for food preparation. 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee.